Counseling Services

Initial Evaluation

The intake process includes a comprehensive psychosocial assessment, history and interview. The purpose of this evaluation is to gather all diagnostic information relevant to why you are seeking counseling at this time. Consideration is given to all areas of development: physical, educational, social, emotional, behavioral, health, and family.

Individual Therapy

An individualized treatment that engages children, adolescents and adults in a strength-based clinical approach that will guide your clinical work through a positive process focused on self-discovery, empowerment and problem solving. Goals are set to meet your specific needs, concerns and desired outcomes.

Parent Coaching Sessions

Parent Coaching Sessions are designed to provide one or both parents support, psycho-education, and the tools, skills and strategies to improve communication, strengthen relationships, change behaviors and better understand their children and teens living with Anxiety, ADHD, Depression, Learning Differences, etc. Learn how to cultivate your strengths and have the confidence to be the best parent you can be.

Family Therapy

Therapeutic engagement with two or more family members to address family dynamics (stagnant or changing), improve relationships, shift maladaptive family patterns, develop understanding of varying perspectives, improve overall health of family system.

School Observation and Consultation

Observing a client in their educational setting is informative to the evaluation and treatment planning process. Observations provide an opportunity to see how students solve problems, interact socially with adults and peers, and respond to the structure of their learning environment. School-based consultation services are offered to public and private schools, agencies, families and individuals.

IEP Advocacy

Do you need support to assure that your child has the best educational program available to them based on their individual learning needs? I can help support initiating the IEP process at your child’s school, review IEP’s to make recommendations based on already completed psycho-educational assessments, attend IEP meetings, consult with school professionals, and teach students how to participate and self-advocate in their IEP’s.

Post-Secondary Transition

This is an important consideration for all high school students. How will your son or daughter prepare for a successful transition from high school to secondary education options or employment? Every student should have a transition plan that is individualized based on need, and includes a coordinated set of student-centered activities designed to facilitate the student’s journey from high school to post-high school life.

Clinical Supervision

I am credentialed to provide individual or group clinical supervision to social workers seeking licensure in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.