Counseling Services

Initial Evaluation

The intake process includes a comprehensive psychosocial assessment, history and interview. The purpose of this evaluation is to gather all diagnostic information relevant to why you are seeking counseling at this time. Consideration is given to all areas of development: physical, educational, social, emotional, behavioral, health, and family.

Individual Therapy

An individualized treatment that engages children, adolescents and adults in a strength-based clinical approach that will guide your clinical work through a positive process focused on self-discovery, empowerment and problem solving. Goals are set to meet your specific needs, concerns and desired outcomes.

Parent Coaching Sessions

Parent Coaching Sessions are designed to provide one or both parents support, psycho-education, and the tools, skills and strategies to improve communication, strengthen relationships, change behaviors and better understand their children and teens living with Anxiety, ADHD, Depression, Learning Differences, etc. Learn how to cultivate your strengths and have the confidence to be the best parent you can be.

Parent Consultations

Consultations are purposefully designed to be intensives for parents motivated to make change. The goals can be improving parent alignment, strategies for calm and connected parenting, behavioral goals for a specific child, teen or young adult, working with Anxiety in the family, re-thinking ADHD and how to support a family impacted by ADHD, how to best access collaborative support for a child in the schools and community, etc. These sessions are typically done in a 2 hour session lengths and the fee is $500.

Parent Consultations can also be done in small groups of up to 12 people. For example, if an extended family would like to participate together to better understand how an issue is playing out in the family or how to support family members, or if a group of neighborhood parents have concerns or questions about child and adolescent development, the impact of technology on the developing brain or supporting themselves and their young adult children as they transition to college a small group format can be a great opportunity to learn together and have some fun. Pricing for small groups varies based on need and number of participants.

School Consultation

School consultations can be for parents or include students and/or educational staff depending on the circumstances and desired outcomes. Process would begin with a thorough review of educational history, a biopsychosocial assessment of the student, developmental history and thorough assessment of current concerns as well as a document review of all diagnositic reports and accommodations to date (IEP, 504, GIEP, etc.). Recommendations, strategies, referrals for services would be provided based on individual needs and goals. The fee of $500 includes initial phone consultation, document review, 90 minute session and written recommendations. Follow up with attendance at school meetings, phone consults with other providers or other services are additional fees.

Post-Secondary Coaching for Parents or Young Adults (18-25)

Is your son or daughter ready to make the leap from high school to college or work? Or are you laying awake at night wondering if they will be ok? Many of our teens and young adults are experiencing a difficult transition to young adulthood. There are numerous reasons this could be – challenges navigating technology, social media, living through a pandemic (COVID), changes in parenting styles, societal pressures to succeed (Outcome driven education focused on grades, stats, money, etc.), increase in the number of teens and young adults with mental health challenges like Anxiety and Depression or undiagnosed ADHD. Don’t wait around to see if they make it. Having a Life Coach during this transition can be a difference-making resource and tool that helps them cross this bridge into adulthood with self-confidence, life skills, perspective and support for managing the inevitable obstacles, failures and successes! Individual session packages as well as parent coaching session packages available based on need.

Clinical Supervision

I am credentialed to provide individual or group clinical supervision to social workers seeking licensure in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.